Seeking Interview Participants: Past & Present Expatriates in Brunei

Principal Investigator: Dr. Koh Sin Yee, Assistant Professor (Geography), Institute of Asian Studies (IAS), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

This academic research investigates the relocation motivations, experiences, and future plans of past and present expatriates in Brunei (i.e. foreigners who are employed and/or residing in Brunei). The research procedures have been approved by the University Research Ethics Committee. This project does not receive any funding from any institution or organisation.

I am currently seeking interview respondents for this project.

Am I eligible to participate?

I am looking for participants who fit EITHER of the following descriptions:

  1. Expatriate/foreigner (including accompanying spouse/partner) who is currently employed and/or residing in Brunei; OR
  2. Expatriate/foreigner (including accompanying spouse/partner) who has relocated from Brunei after a period of working and/or living in Brunei

What does participation entail?

The interview will take about 30-40 minutes, and can be conducted in person (preferred), over Skype, or via email. The date, time, and venue can be arranged to suit your availability and convenience. The interview can be conducted in English and Mandarin.

The interview will focus on the following:

  1. Reasons for relocating to/from Brunei
  2. Relocation experiences
  3. Work and family life in Brunei
  4. Future relocation plans, if any

How will the data be used?

All data collected for the project will be used for the purpose of academic research only. Responses will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. The data will be represented in a way so that no individual can be identified. The research findings may be published in academic journal articles, books and book chapters, working papers, reports, and/or blogs.

Sounds great. I am interested!

Please email me at to arrange for an interview, or if you have any questions.

You can also fill up this contact form.

I can’t participate. How can I help?

Please forward this invitation to other past and present expatriates in Brunei.


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