Web design

Cities@Geography website


Event publicity collaterals

Urban Vignettes: Capture Your City

Call for contributors flyer (photography by Kym Beeston; Urban Vignettes logo by Thomas Liu Ye)

LSE Research Day 2011

Annual research day, including PhD Poster Exhibition and satellite events.



JTC Corporation Staff Dinner & Dance, 2007

Event theme: “Be Who U Wanna Be”. Designed in collaboration with Magdeline Sng.


Based on the theme of “Be Who U Wanna Be”, these cards were designed to illustrate different identities participants can be. Descriptions were tailored to fit job roles in a fun, quirky manner (e.g. Ninja, the Back Room Worker, is always Working in the Shadows; Ballerina, the Star Performer, always Shine at Work).

Invitation card, incorporating the door gift (pre-loaded movie cash card).


Looking up on history, LSE Perspectives, September 2010

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