Cross-Border ‘Homes’

Principal Investigator (Jan 2016-Apr2018)

Project title: Investing in ‘Homes’ Across the Border: Comparing the Cases of Brunei-Miri and Singapore-Johor Bahru

Funding: Universiti Brunei Darussalam University Research Grant

An increasing proportion of local housing real estate in Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and many European countries have been bought up by Asian buyers. In addition to investments and capital gains considerations, Asian buyers are also motivated by migration desires (e.g. children’s education and retirement). However, little is known about buyers from Southeast Asian countries, and in particular their purchase and use of cross-border homes. Moreover, little is known about the connections between contemporary cross-border mobilities and their colonial histories. Finally, while existing studies have noted the important roles played by intermediaries such as real estate agents, there is more to be done to fully comprehend the cross-border and transnational operations of intermediary services. Using participant observations and qualitative interviews, this project aims to address these gaps in the urban studies literature, and to contribute towards the emergent interest in migration studies on how transnational moblities intersect with urban spatialities.

Publications and other outputs from this project

Journal articles

  • Koh, S.Y. (2017). Property Tourism and the Facilitation of Investment-Migration Mobility in Asia. Asian Review30(1), 27-45. [PDF]

Book chapters

Conference panels

Conference papers & presentations

  • Koh, S.Y. (in progress). Education Migrations and Mobilities in and through Iskandar Malaysia: Urban Regional Development Policies, Entrepreneurial Agents, and Strategic Families. ‘Landscapes of Education Migrations and Mobilities (1)’2018 Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographic Society. Cardiff University, 28-31 Aug