Postdoctoral work (2014-2015)

Project title: Alpha-Territoriality and the Super-Rich in Hong Kong and London: The Socio-Economic Implications of Transnational Real Estate Investment by the Super-Rich

Funding: ESRC-RGC HK Bilateral Research Grant

Project team members: Bart Wissink, Ray Forrest

Rapidly rising income inequality and highly visible elite spaces for the super-rich (i.e. high net worth individuals) in certain global cities have seen a corresponding increase in academic, policy, and popular attention since the early-2000s. Through analyses of spatial data, news articles, as well as 24 qualitative interviews with super-rich individuals and key informants in intermediary services (e.g. concierge services, private jets and yachts, fine art, real estate investments, financial and wealth management, etc.), this team project comparatively examines the ways the super-rich invest and live in Hong Kong and London. Besides offering comparative empirical insights on the real estate practices and spatial practices of urban elites in these two cities, this research also contributes towards current debates on structural inequality, the globalisation and financialisation of residential real estate, and relevant urban policies (such as housing, immigration, citizenship, and tax).

Publications and other outputs from this project

Edited book

Journal articles

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Conference papers & presentations

  • Koh, S.Y., & Wissink, B. (2017). Exacerbating Inequalities and Socio-Spatial Segregation in Hong Kong: Spotlight on the Invisible and Invisibilised Labour of Intermediaries. International Conference on Polarisation, Fragmentation and Resilience: Four Urban Contexts Compared. Hong Kong Baptist University, 29 Nov–1 Dec.
  • Koh, S.Y., Wissink, B., & Forrest, R. (2015) Urban Elites in Hong Kong: From Colonial Spaces to the 1% City. Association for American Geographers (AAG) 2015 Annual Meeting, Chicago, USA, 21–25 Apr.