I am a social science academic (trained in human geography) with 8+ years postdoctoral experience in leading universities in 🇭🇰Hong Kong, 🇧🇳Brunei, and 🇲🇾Malaysia. I have also taught in 🇬🇧the UK during my PhD. Prior to switching to academia, I was an urban development professional in 🇸🇬Singapore.

My work uses the lens of migration and mobility to understand the circulations of people, capital, and aspirations in and through cities.

My current work focuses on these themes in Southeast Asia:

  1. migration mobilities and inclusion/exclusion;
  2. urban capital and enabling agents;
  3. China and Chinese worlds; and
  4. youth, education and mobilities.

Check out my research projectspublicationsteaching, and talks. And my blog.

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Screencast of my academic website on Notion

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