I am a social science academic (trained in human geography) with 7+ years postdoctoral experience in leading universities in Hong Kong, Brunei, and Malaysia. Prior to switching to academia, I was an urban development professional in Singapore.

My work is positioned at the intersection of migration studies and urban studies. I am also interested in postcolonial approaches to these fields.

Research interests:

  • Migration and mobilities (particularly education migration as a first step to long-term and onward migration; cross-border and transnational family lives)
  • Citizenship: differentiated identity, belonging, rights
  • Colonial legacies (particularly ethnicity, education, social class)
  • Youth, education, and work
  • Urbanisation, financialisation, inequality and social change
  • Intermediaries and brokers (in relation to migration and urbanisation)
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, China

I also researchwriteteach, and speak. Get in touch!

Questions? Ideas? Like to collaborate?

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